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Wordless wednesday

Show weekend for Vivien

This weekend it was Viviens turn again in the ring, it was i Germany, I always like going there. Vivien decided it was time for her to drop her coat completely, so I was pretty stressed about it but we managed to get her in shape before she entered the ring. There where 71 roughs entered and open class bitches was complete. Vivien managed a great excellent 3 and that with no coat. The rest of her beautifull hairs is hanging in the trees of Buchholz. So now we wait for a new coat to grow and then we see what will happen next in the show season.

Love your pet day

Yesterday it was Love Your Pet Day!!! And I noticed it soo late it was actually too late do give it any attention.
But what to do on a day like that? Well I think it is practily normal to have a love your pet day every day, because your pet loves you back all the time, so why shouldn't we.

But what we did was very ok and suitable. Eventough it was really poor weather, my dad took my borzoi girl for a walk in the woods, as she is a big dog with hunting passion she needs that. Esspecially now when we have 2 little puppies walking around the house to take alot of the attention.

The rest of the colliegirls got their hugs and kisses like on all days, and even Vivien got her nails clipped. (But I don't think she likes that)

With the 2 pups I went to a petstore for socializing, and I think they loooovvveed it. They really loved the places where they store dogfoods and snacks, both where trying to look for some bits that where maybe not in a package.

I try as much as possible to mak…

15 years of collies

Today is a very special day for me. It is exactly 15 years ago that the first collie came in my life. I know very well how it went. Our first dog had died a couple of months before, and we wanted a new dog. We all voted for a dog, I know I wanted an Afghan hound or a Lassie. My parents where more for a shetland sheepdog. So we went on the waitinglist for a Sheltie. In the meantime we where going through dogshelters, but with no results. There was a great dane I fell in love with, but it was not our breed. Again looking up in books wich breed to choose. I remember we got everything from our library about dogs, puppies, training etc. Also videotapes and all. In one of those books we found the collie, a blue merle one, wow, a beauty. Now we knew for sure, a rough collie in blue merle would be the goal, this was going to be our breed. Now we went on the waitinglist for a collie. We tought it would take ages to get a blue merle collie, but on one fine day 15 years ago we got a phone call. …

First post

There we go, a first post.
In the past I've been trying to blog, but it turned out to be a faulure. Also my writings for the Dutch Collie Club was not my best ever. Altough the people loved my stories about Albert Payson Terhune and the Sunnybank collies, my relation with the editor was not really superb, so unfortunatly we had to cancel my series about Sunnybank.
On this blog I want to write about Sunnybank, but also about my collie bunch and the borzoi who are in my live.
We do a lot of cool stuff so I hope you all enjoy the stories I make about it.

Well this is it for the first post.