Love your pet day

Yesterday it was Love Your Pet Day!!! And I noticed it soo late it was actually too late do give it any attention.
But what to do on a day like that? Well I think it is practily normal to have a love your pet day every day, because your pet loves you back all the time, so why shouldn't we.

But what we did was very ok and suitable. Eventough it was really poor weather, my dad took my borzoi girl for a walk in the woods, as she is a big dog with hunting passion she needs that. Esspecially now when we have 2 little puppies walking around the house to take alot of the attention.

The rest of the colliegirls got their hugs and kisses like on all days, and even Vivien got her nails clipped. (But I don't think she likes that)

With the 2 pups I went to a petstore for socializing, and I think they loooovvveed it. They really loved the places where they store dogfoods and snacks, both where trying to look for some bits that where maybe not in a package.

I try as much as possible to make every day a sort of Love Your Pet day! because I love them always!
Until next time
Me with old Star (nr 1) I love her still and on special days I think of her also


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