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Wordless wednesday

My Crufts trip from last year

It is already 1 year ago, Crufts 2014, Worlds largest dogshow, and it really is.
Since 2005 I have been to Crufts and it is one of the nicest trips I make every year. But due to other reasons I'm not going this year. It makes me kinda sad, seeing all the happy facebookposts from people who go there but I have other fun stuff to do.

Here is my last years Crufts adventure.

It was a very interesting trip, because of  economical crisis we could not go the normal way but we went in a rented van with 8 other enthouisastics and 1 dog. Normally this would be a touringcar with a touroperator, but this time not only the 8 doggeeks!!  My trip started in Arnhem and along the way we picked up the rest of the group. When we where finally in Calais France my bud was already hurting very bad, but ok it was afterall my own idea traveling with this company.

The English people ofcourse have invented dogshowing, (well did they??) anyway, they know how to host a dogshow.
Crufts itself was great, a ni…

Kickbike with Dita

Today was an awsome day to go for a kickbike trip, some may call this scootering, kickscootering or dogscootering. When I woke up this morning it was really terrible windy, and I almost decided not to exercise at all, but Dita loves it so much. And I really need to do something myselve.
So I decided to put the kickbike in the car and go to Gaasterlan and make a trip.
It was actually pretty cool to do, Dita is a pro in this sport and she normally tugs me forward with a speed from 20 to 25 km's an hour, but not today! We where both really enjoying that we where in the forest and not like normally on the road, so we made a nice, not to extreme quick trip.

I didn't know wich trails where broad enough to be on, because Dita is on the Walkydog so we take a wide space, and of that we needed to go back a few times, because the pathway was too small.

This is also a great alternative for mushing!!