Kickbike with Dita

Today was an awsome day to go for a kickbike trip, some may call this scootering, kickscootering or dogscootering. When I woke up this morning it was really terrible windy, and I almost decided not to exercise at all, but Dita loves it so much. And I really need to do something myselve.
So I decided to put the kickbike in the car and go to Gaasterlan and make a trip.
It was actually pretty cool to do, Dita is a pro in this sport and she normally tugs me forward with a speed from 20 to 25 km's an hour, but not today! We where both really enjoying that we where in the forest and not like normally on the road, so we made a nice, not to extreme quick trip.

I didn't know wich trails where broad enough to be on, because Dita is on the Walkydog so we take a wide space, and of that we needed to go back a few times, because the pathway was too small.

This is also a great alternative for mushing!!

Dita next to the scooter or kickbike


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