Interactive collie event

Our collie club in the Netherlands is having their 50th anniversary. Yesterday there was a clubshow, but due to work I was not able to go. But today they had a sort of interactive day. Lucky and Star, where the happy ones who went with us today. The weather was not so pretty, but that was no problem. All around the field where activities, such as agility, flyball, and things like that. Due to the age of the youngsters we where not able to do all of the games.

So we did what was possible, I started with Star in a Rally Obedience trial. I'm a real showdog person, where a dog needs to stand, and with obedience the most used command is sit. So that was a bit of a struggle, she did all kinds of funny moves but we managed it both very nicely. I wasn't familiar with the rules so I made a lot of mistakes myself. With Lucky it was a little bit better, because I did the track before with Star. He gained 2 points more than his sister just because of that.

Then it was onto the games. Big fun! Both of the youngsters knew how that worked. I had to do a trial and the dogs where walking next to me, easy peasy. At the end of the trial where search games, at home they play sometimes with interactive games, so they loved this. Cookies where found super quick, and they wouldn't stop searching for more.

There was much more to do, but I felt after those games their heads where full with so much info, that we decided to stop to participate in any further activities. In the car they both fell asleep in a minute. I'm proud of them. We came home with a nice certificate, a nice start when you are only 5 months old.

Waiting for Rally with Star

Practicing Sit at Rally

Searching with Lucky

Searching with Star


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