Yesterday I signed up for a superfun box, it is called the Woefbox.
The Woefbox is a box loaded with all kinds of dogtreats, toys etc. You can sign up for it on
www.woefbox.nl and every month you get this box with stuff for your dogs!!!

There are 3 kinds of subscribtion, only 1 time box, 3 months in a row, or a puppy box,
I subscribed for the 3 month box, and I will see, if I like to proceed with it.

Unpacking it was a big happy moment, and it was pretty hard to unpack with all dogs around, who wanted to sniff on their new treats.

Yes that is the nose of Anna, she was extreme curious

This particular box contained, 3 boxes of Rense tuna fish paté
2 dental care sticks
a tennisbal toy
banana chicken treats (they love it)
sample of Lupo dogfood (?? never heard of)
some kind of a beefee sausage
another sample package of dogfood
and a little bottle of teatrea shampoo

I think it is very nice for the price of almost 15,00 euro's

Some of the product in the Woefbox


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