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Fun in Almelo

Well, what can I say, sometimes things start strange, just like the match yesterday,
the day started sunny and a bit confusing. At clubmatches you somethimes don't really know who is judging what! You get the forms for entering show, and on big international dogshows, you exactly know who is to Judge your breed.
At small matches like this one in Almelo, there is a list of judges, most it is 2 or 3, and most of the time those judges can do multiple breeds, so you can have a fair mainring. On the form where standing 2 names this time, mr Jipping, and mr Rutten, I know both judges, and I know mr Jipping being a sighthound person, and mr Rutten has judged some of our collies before.

 So I entered Lucky, Vivien and Anna thinking that mr Rutten would Judge the collies, and mr Jipping would Judge the Borzoi.
It was exactly the opposite, Now I had to take Lucky and Vivien with mr Jipping and Anna to mr Rutten,   it was no problem, I'm proud to show our dogs to everyone.
It was pr…

Happy twins 6 months

Today exactly 6 months ago they where born
Star, Niamh, Bella Donna, Jagger, Mason and Lucky.

After a few weeks only Star and Lucky stayed with us, and the rest of them went to their forever homes. And now they are 6 months, I cannot believe it went so quick.
They get more beautifull everyday and have their weird nice things take make them so unique!!

I love those little balls of happines, my little chums.

Concours d'elegance already 1 year ago

Yesterday I posted a wordless wednesday picture, and I wanted to tell more about it, it seemed that last sunday was already one year ago, we had this amazing event of the dutch Borzoi club.

The dutch borzoi club had called all members to come for a great parade with all our borzois, in the main ring of an Arab horse show. They liked to have a nice intermezzo in their show, and it was for the borzoiclub a nice way to present our breed in a very beautifull way.

There was only 1 important thing, we all needed to dress as beautifull as possible, it was wonderfull to see, that all people did their extreme best to look like persons from long forgotten times.
Everyone was so beautifull dressed, and it was really special to see all those beautifull borzois with their owners.
Mr Andre vd Broek spoke about our beautifull breed, in the big ring.
I felt very special, and very pretty and Anna and me where selected in the big group with the last 3.  It was amazing. Afterwards we went to look at the…

Wordless wednesday

My Sunnybank story, how it started

I'm a big fan of the Sunnybank collies and Albert Payson Terhune, and I wanted to share this little memorie of me.

It was in 2002, I think it was dogshow Zwolle, Lady had just been awarded with a very promising 1 and I was over the moon. On that day I wanted to treat myself, and in the stand with old dogbooks I found Lad a dog, by Albert Payson Terhune. There was a collie on the cover of the book, so I had to have it. I read it a few times, and really loved it, but then it landed in the bookcloset.

Years later I got a subscription to Collie Expressions magazine and there was an article in it, about Albert Payson Terhune! I knew I saw that name before, so it was right into the bookcloset, there it was Lad a dog, that book was written by the person of that article. Ofcourse I wanted to know more and I ordered the book about the Sunnybank collies by Kristina T Marshall, called Forever Friends. From that book I learned that most of the collies from the USA are to be traced back to Sun…


I like to go exercise with the dogs, it keeps them fit, and that is important, not just for in the showring, but for their own health is is better if they get proper exercise, and it is fun for me too, to do something with the dogs.

Today was a great day for kickbiking (dogscootering) again. I went with Dita to Gaasterlan to go with her in the woods. I prefer not to go when the temperature is above 18 celcius, but today it didn't even become higher then 15 celcius, and it was pretty windy. And the ground in the forest is a bit more gentle on the dogspaws, that is why I prefer going there, and that is also a big reason not to go biking with a hot temperature. We don't feel that same heat as the dogs feel at the soles of their paws.

But it has been dry for a while, so the trail was complety dried out and very sandy, making it a very hard tour this time. Normally we are back with the car in no time but now we both had to work hard to get forward. We really needed more then half…

Kong game

A while ago, I bought this great new toy of Kong for the dogs. It was looking funny and I tought maybe the dogs would like it. But when I put some foods in it, I found out, that all what I put in, was falling out with the same speed that I put it in.

So this toy had been in my closet for a few months, and all of a sudden I came up with this idea.

This week arived the new Woefbox, and I had some sample food and dogbicuits in it, I put the food in the Kong, and on the edges I did half a biscuit, so the food wouldn't get out that easily as it did, first time I used it.
It worked!!!! Judy and Vivien found it most easy, they just trow around the Kong, and all the food just comes out, no problem. Scarlett was a bit confused, because normally she gets food in an easy way and this was a bit harder. Even both puppies and Anna had great fun with it.

I'm gonna see what foods I can use also for this toy, but in the meantime I think they are pretty happy with this.

Woefbox June!!

The first woefbox arived yesterday!! It is so much fun to receive this, and unpacking the box.
The dogs where really exited and wouldn't go out of the way while I looked inside it.

This month the box contained

a bag of dogbiscuits
3 rabbitflavoured shewing sticks
a bottle of dentalcare water (I'm pretty curious about this product)
2 little trial sacks of dogfood by Biofood and Renske
2 smoked backon rolls
a tennisbal toy
and 3 cans of Renske meet Turkey flavour.

I know for sure the dogs will love this.