Fun in Almelo

Well, what can I say, sometimes things start strange, just like the match yesterday,
the day started sunny and a bit confusing. At clubmatches you somethimes don't really know who is judging what! You get the forms for entering show, and on big international dogshows, you exactly know who is to Judge your breed.
At small matches like this one in Almelo, there is a list of judges, most it is 2 or 3, and most of the time those judges can do multiple breeds, so you can have a fair mainring. On the form where standing 2 names this time, mr Jipping, and mr Rutten, I know both judges, and I know mr Jipping being a sighthound person, and mr Rutten has judged some of our collies before.

 So I entered Lucky, Vivien and Anna thinking that mr Rutten would Judge the collies, and mr Jipping would Judge the Borzoi.
It was exactly the opposite, Now I had to take Lucky and Vivien with mr Jipping and Anna to mr Rutten,   it was no problem, I'm proud to show our dogs to everyone.
It was pretty funny that mr Rutten knows me from herdinggroup, FCI group 1, and he was confused too, that I came in the ring with a borzoi!!

It was the showdebut for my little boy Glamourace Collies Viva Las Vegas aka Lucky! he became an very promising 1..., and had a superb report, his auntie Vivien gained an excellent 2.

And Anna last but not least got and excellent 1 BOB and became 5th Best in Show. I'm so proud of all of the dogs, they did great.
Thanks to mr Gerard Jipping for judging the collies, and thanks to mr Dick Rutten for judging my borzoi Anna and both of the judges for deciding togheter the result of Anna in the mainring!!! Because she became Best in show 5, and that was a great achievement for us!!!!

Anna BIS 5
Lucky on the grooming table

Anna being judged

Anna winning the group

Lucky's first ring experience

showgirl Vivien



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