I like to go exercise with the dogs, it keeps them fit, and that is important, not just for in the showring, but for their own health is is better if they get proper exercise, and it is fun for me too, to do something with the dogs.

Today was a great day for kickbiking (dogscootering) again. I went with Dita to Gaasterlan to go with her in the woods. I prefer not to go when the temperature is above 18 celcius, but today it didn't even become higher then 15 celcius, and it was pretty windy. And the ground in the forest is a bit more gentle on the dogspaws, that is why I prefer going there, and that is also a big reason not to go biking with a hot temperature. We don't feel that same heat as the dogs feel at the soles of their paws.

But it has been dry for a while, so the trail was complety dried out and very sandy, making it a very hard tour this time. Normally we are back with the car in no time but now we both had to work hard to get forward. We really needed more then half an hour to do 4 km's, for Dita and me that is slow, very slow.

Before we went, I looked on the internet, for the tick-forcast. It seems the whole of the Netherlands is at a high risk of ticks. I was a little bit afraid of going, but I just sprayed on a little Frontline spray onto her paws and went anyway. At home I directly checked for ticks but we are lucky!! no ticks at all! I must say we really avoided the grassy areas, because there is where we get the most ticks from.

No pictures of todays journey, we where way too busy running and biking!!!


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