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My Sunnybank story, how it started

I'm a big fan of the Sunnybank collies and Albert Payson Terhune, and I wanted to share this little memorie of me.

It was in 2002, I think it was dogshow Zwolle, Lady had just been awarded with a very promising 1 and I was over the moon. On that day I wanted to treat myself, and in the stand with old dogbooks I found Lad a dog, by Albert Payson Terhune. There was a collie on the cover of the book, so I had to have it. I read it a few times, and really loved it, but then it landed in the bookcloset.

Years later I got a subscription to Collie Expressions magazine and there was an article in it, about Albert Payson Terhune! I knew I saw that name before, so it was right into the bookcloset, there it was Lad a dog, that book was written by the person of that article. Ofcourse I wanted to know more and I ordered the book about the Sunnybank collies by Kristina T Marshall, called Forever Friends. From that book I learned that most of the collies from the USA are to be traced back to Sunnybank. So are the current collies we own, they can all be traced back to Treve.

My interest got more and more, and as time went on I learned more about the Master the Mistress and the place. And now my collection is growing steadily.
This is how my Sunnybank addiction started. And there will be way more to come.

My book, in my own laguage, Nederlands,
it is translated as "de roman van een hond Lex"
but it's real title is Lad a dog.


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The collie standard by Mia Ejerstad

Another great book, and I happen to be the lucky girl who has both of her books. It is the same, but the small one is the first one she published and the larger one is the new revisited one.

Why is this book a great one??? Well this one will explain with picutres to go with it, how the ideal collie should look. All parts of the collie come along while you read this book. Headtypes, what is a perfect shape of a head, what is acceptable, and various faults, in bigger and lesser degree. But also how angulation needs to be in front and back, and what is an acceptable tail! I think that it is very nice that all ellements come in to vision with many drawings,  because while explaining a form in letters, it is far more easy to see for youselve on a picture.

Many beautifull drawing from the hand of Mia are in this book, she really knows how to capture the beauty of the collie and make the standard of our breed into vision.
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Mijn vriend Rik

I'm so sorry for not posting for a while but sometimes there are so many other things to do, and I need to go to work to get my money so it's been a while.
But now I want to share again a very very nice book I got. I had it as a present from one of my best friends, and mentors in the collie breed.

This book is about a Rotweiller and it's called  Mijn vriend Rik, by Jan van Rheenen.
At first I tought why I wanna read a book about a Rotweiller, but I have a very cool colliebook by the same writer, and it wasn't the largest book with the most pages, so I started reading it.

You wouldn't believe how quick I finished this book, the story is so great told, this man can really write a book you get hooked on (if you like dogbooks) when I finished it, wat was within 2 days I found it like I read some Terhune story but then with another breed and another language.

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Judging at dogshow-ringtraining

Last year, in December, yes I know a while back, I judged at the showtraining event of Dogshow-ringtraining Drouwenermond.

I was asked if I wanted to do judging of their last day of the training season, to make a nice ending of their trainingsyear.
Ofcoarse I'm not a real conformation Judge, but I have been intensively showing dogs since 2004, so I know how things are going in the showring.

So in december it was their end of the season, and my first ever judging apointment.
There where multiple groups of dogs and it really went just like a real dogshow, only I went over the dogs, not judging the dogs, but taking notice of their handler if they where doing the correct thing.
Showing me the bite of their dog, gaiting them and presenting them.

For every dog was made a judging report with points, so that was really curious for me too.
I was so focused on all aspects I didn't really know who was my nr 1 handler.

So when they calculated points I was just as curious as all the partic…