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A new Champion

I'm still over the moon and so proud, our Anna became Dutch champion.
When we got to our breeder in Germany I had hopes for a beautifull white borzoigirl. We looked at her when she was 3 weeks old, and fell in love with her imediatly.
Never could we dream she would have such a great showcareer.
We picked her up at 8 weeks and she was introduced into our colliegang.
She was shown only twice as a baby, and twice as a puppy, we didn't want her to loose interest in showing.

When she was 9 weeks and 1 week old she gained her first Best of Breed. A few months later my dad had shown her, and she was awarded with a juniorpoint, then again a few months later I showed her myself again and she was Best bitch. She now had 2 full points, but on that day she also became Dutch Junior Champion and that is also good for another point. There we where with already 3 points. At the near end of the year we showed her again and she was again best bitch!! Now the score was 4 points, now we had to wa…

Collection of colliebooks

I have a supergreat range of colliebooks, as a matter of fact I collect books about collies. If it is a story, or a book with info on my breed (borzoi also, but in a lesser degree)
Because I have such nice examples I wanted to showcase some of them.
Here are only 3 of them. They are all 3 books from the USA, numbered limited editions.
Esspecially the book of Gayle Kaye is very special. She descibes every decade with the most influentual dogs and breeders.

The other 2 are annuals, they contain news about the National Specialty, and interviews with breeders. I Always seem to learn alot from what I read in those interviews.

Here are the covers of the books, if you can find them, they are a great read, so happy bookhunting.

Going to dogshow, roadtrip xxl

I like to go to dogshows, but sometimes things go very interesting, like our trip this weekend to Spiesen. We had a drive I will not soon forget.

Well, here something about our road trip to Spiesen!!!! Spiesen is with a normal car a bit more over 5 hours drive, but with our mobile home it would normally take about 6 hours. That is far, but hey, nice Judge so why not. Driving was ok until we where across the border in Germany. We had very early on a detour. So we just drove and it wasn't really bad. Then another detour, (my German is not great, but I can read "gespert" and "umleitung") We didn't notice it early enough, so we needed to turn around, then another detour, a small mountainroad, and all of a sudden a blockade, so I had to go out of the mobilehome, and navigate my dad, while he was turning on this very small road. We found a gasstation, ( thank god) and we filled the tank, and asked how to be on the highway as fast as we could, that was ofcourse no…

Red Ruin by Albert Payson Terhune

As you may know, I'm a big fan of the books of Albert Payson Terhune. He was a writer in the time of the twenties and thirties of the past century. Most of his stories contained a dog, and almost all of the time this dog would be a collie.

You can imagine that I love those books, I love dogstories....

In the sixties a group of Sunnybank enthusiasts founded the Terhune Sunnybank Memorial. A group of devoted lovers of the stories, the collies, the place and the Master and the Mistress.
They do an awsome job in preserving the place and keeping the Sunnybank legacy alive.

Now the did a great discovery, in some archives they found lost stories who where only published in a newspaper in 1922 but never got published as a book. It is a mystery novel,  and it contains a collie! When I heard of this book I immediately got exited, and this week it arrived at my place. I'm totally happy, and already started reading.
I don't want to spoil the fun, so I'm gonna tell what it is all a…

Happy birthday Judy and Vivien

Today is the birthday of my very first litter. Scarlett became a mommy of 3 big healthy pups in 2012,  and the theme of the litter was 1939 moviestars. I liked to breed with names based on  theme rather then on a letter what is mostly done. So they became Glamourace Collies Judy Garland, GC Vivien Leigh and GC Clark Gable.

So happy 3th birthday to Judy and Vivien, who live with me and a happy birthday to Clark also who lives with my sis, and her family...

I hope there will be so much more years of fun and happiness with those awsome girls.

Easy DIY game

I like to do fungames with the dogs, it keeps their mind busy, and on hot days it is better then running around.

There are a lot of games for sale in all kinds of price ranges, but if you are a little bit creative, you can make so much out of the most simple items.
For instance I took a mitten, put in a little chunk of dogchocolate and a game was born.
Don't use chocolate we would eat ourselves, this is specially formulated chocolate for dogs, where all the bad stuff is taken out. Normal chocolate can kill your dog, so beware. Ofcourse you can put some other nice things in the mitten, a cookie or whatever your dog likes.

All the dogs over here tried this game, the youngest where so exited with the smell of the chocolate that it was hard to pull it out of the mitten.
Anna with her long defined borzoinose had it out of there in a few seconds.
And Scarlett was a bit confused, she absolutely didn't know how it worked, ( she is 6 years of age, and we are recently starting with this…

Woefbox juli!!

Another blogpost today!! The Woefbox of juli has arived today,
again a big box of yumistuff for the doggies!!!
It is always big fun unpacking this box of goodies, and there where many nice things in it this time again.

I tried to pose Judy next to the box, just for a fun picture, this looked more cute then the posed picture.

This months box contained

A toy with a squeeker in the shape of a cow
a package of Duck jerkey (nice to use for dogshowing)
2 packs of dogchocolate!!
a pack of Chicken bones (oh my they love them)
a sack of cookies
again 3 packs of wetfood from Renske.
and a trial size bottle of nourishing shampoo

Also there where many nice adverts in the box, who are very nice to check out, and there was a coupon!!!

I'm happy I can spoil the monsters again this month with this great box

And when I'm still typing, a quick weather update, it is hot, the dogs are keeping very slow, and they absolutely hate the watersprinkler LOL

Hot Weather

At the moment the weather
is very warm over here. Probably there will be a heat record this week in the Netherlands, and obviously we need to take care of the dogs, that they will stay cool.
Everytime there is some heat, one or two of the dogs will get a little bit of diarea, but I'm very happy that most of the time it is over in just a day.
We have more then one waterbowl standing, in every place we can have, and bowls are cleaned and filled many times throughout the day.

We also try to take care that they don't drink too much at a time so they will get sick from drinking to much water. Exercising is only in the wee early morning, and very late in the evening, when temperatures are starting to cool down.
Not only because it is too warm for walking and running but the streets are very hot, and keep in mind that we wear shoes, the dogs don't.

When the outside temperature is 25Celcius, the pavement is already 51,6Celcius, and with 30,5Celcius it will be 61,7Celcius. Well I d…