A new Champion

I'm still over the moon and so proud, our Anna became Dutch champion.
When we got to our breeder in Germany I had hopes for a beautifull white borzoigirl. We looked at her when she was 3 weeks old, and fell in love with her imediatly.
Never could we dream she would have such a great showcareer.
We picked her up at 8 weeks and she was introduced into our colliegang.
She was shown only twice as a baby, and twice as a puppy, we didn't want her to loose interest in showing.

When she was 9 weeks and 1 week old she gained her first Best of Breed. A few months later my dad had shown her, and she was awarded with a juniorpoint, then again a few months later I showed her myself again and she was Best bitch. She now had 2 full points, but on that day she also became Dutch Junior Champion and that is also good for another point. There we where with already 3 points. At the near end of the year we showed her again and she was again best bitch!! Now the score was 4 points, now we had to wait until she was 27 months to complete her title. (Here in the Netherlands a dog must be over 27 months to claim the title)

In the meantime we did show her some times but not that much, mostly going to Belgium, where she became also a junior champion.
Last weekend in Rotterdam was the first time she could be really claim her title, and ofcourse I was nervous, I showed so many years already but this moments do frighten me.
She easily won her class, and I had to wait for the rest of the classes to finish. Finally we had to go into the ring again. Anna as always  was happy to show (she really loves it) so she floated trough the ring, and the Judge did not really had a hard time and awarded her with best bitch!!!!!!
Wow, I was so happy, and so was Anna, because we really are a team, we feel eachother. In the meantime the reserve had to be chosen but I was so happy I don't really recal all what happened.

She did not make it against the best dog, but that was for me not a big deal, ofcourse having a Best of Breed is the crowning glorie, but having the title at only 28 months of age, I never had a dog do that before!!!!

We are still with our head in the clouds, but I don't think Anna really knows, she just goes out with her colliefriends enjoying life and waiting for the next show to come, be a happy team with me again in the ring......

left top at 9 months, her first CAC and BOB
right top, summer last year, becoming dutch junior champion, second CAC
bottom left, best bitch another CAC
bottom right last CAC


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