Collection of colliebooks

I have a supergreat range of colliebooks, as a matter of fact I collect books about collies. If it is a story, or a book with info on my breed (borzoi also, but in a lesser degree)
Because I have such nice examples I wanted to showcase some of them.
Here are only 3 of them. They are all 3 books from the USA, numbered limited editions.
Esspecially the book of Gayle Kaye is very special. She descibes every decade with the most influentual dogs and breeders.

The other 2 are annuals, they contain news about the National Specialty, and interviews with breeders. I Always seem to learn alot from what I read in those interviews.

Here are the covers of the books, if you can find them, they are a great read, so happy bookhunting.

Collie Annual 1997 nr 312 out of 430

Collie Annual 1996 nr 168 out of 335

A century of Collies, by Gayle Kaye #255


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