Easy DIY game

I like to do fungames with the dogs, it keeps their mind busy, and on hot days it is better then running around.

There are a lot of games for sale in all kinds of price ranges, but if you are a little bit creative, you can make so much out of the most simple items.
For instance I took a mitten, put in a little chunk of dogchocolate and a game was born.
Don't use chocolate we would eat ourselves, this is specially formulated chocolate for dogs, where all the bad stuff is taken out. Normal chocolate can kill your dog, so beware. Ofcourse you can put some other nice things in the mitten, a cookie or whatever your dog likes.

A mitten with a chunk of dogchocolate

All the dogs over here tried this game, the youngest where so exited with the smell of the chocolate that it was hard to pull it out of the mitten.
Anna with her long defined borzoinose had it out of there in a few seconds.
And Scarlett was a bit confused, she absolutely didn't know how it worked, ( she is 6 years of age, and we are recently starting with this games, I can see now that the younger learn quicker then the older) so I had to help Scarlett to get her treat.

Everyone can make this kind of game, have fun!!

The doggies busy searching for their treats


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