Going to dogshow, roadtrip xxl

I like to go to dogshows, but sometimes things go very interesting, like our trip this weekend to Spiesen. We had a drive I will not soon forget.

Well, here something about our road trip to Spiesen!!!! Spiesen is with a normal car a bit more over 5 hours drive, but with our mobile home it would normally take about 6 hours. That is far, but hey, nice Judge so why not. Driving was ok until we where across the border in Germany. We had very early on a detour. So we just drove and it wasn't really bad. Then another detour, (my German is not great, but I can read "gespert" and "umleitung") We didn't notice it early enough, so we needed to turn around, then another detour, a small mountainroad, and all of a sudden a blockade, so I had to go out of the mobilehome, and navigate my dad, while he was turning on this very small road. We found a gasstation, ( thank god) and we filled the tank, and asked how to be on the highway as fast as we could, that was ofcourse not possible, so we just continued on those small roads in the mountains.
When we where about 10 minutes from the arival our navigationsystem told us turn right, so we did and it seemed that the navigationsystem was wrong, so again 15 minutes from arival. When we where at 5 minutes from arival and again, detour. We where so tired because our drive now took almost 7 hours, and I predicted that we could drive quicker to a place in Denmark then go here.
Finally we arived on the street where we needed to be, we turned right, and the road seemed to go up verticaly!!! Our mobilehome was in first gear and really scratching the tires, and it started to smell not so nice. We where very happy that we arived. So we parked and I should go out and walk the dog. I opened the door and landed in a pile of plants that would sting very hard, so my legs where itching the whole evening.
I have to say the next day the show was very nice!!! So our trip was not all for nothing. But to make it even greater, my dad got a tick in his arm, it was raining a couple of times very heavily, and I found out my shoes where not really ok anymore. So I trew them away.
Finally Dita did great scoring a Reserve and that will be a full point because the dog who beat her was already champion. Yay.
Time to go home. Well as you can guess. Again so many detours that we decided not to drive home all the way at once.
This morning we arived safe and sound in Friesland, where it is nice and flat, and no mountains!!!


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