Hot Weather

At the moment the weather
is very warm over here. Probably there will be a heat record this week in the Netherlands, and obviously we need to take care of the dogs, that they will stay cool.
Everytime there is some heat, one or two of the dogs will get a little bit of diarea, but I'm very happy that most of the time it is over in just a day.
We have more then one waterbowl standing, in every place we can have, and bowls are cleaned and filled many times throughout the day.

We also try to take care that they don't drink too much at a time so they will get sick from drinking to much water. Exercising is only in the wee early morning, and very late in the evening, when temperatures are starting to cool down.
Not only because it is too warm for walking and running but the streets are very hot, and keep in mind that we wear shoes, the dogs don't.

When the outside temperature is 25Celcius, the pavement is already 51,6Celcius, and with 30,5Celcius it will be 61,7Celcius. Well I don't want to walk on that with my bare feet, so my dogs won't either. And the forecast is even hotter. This weekend there will be maybe 39degrees so I don't wanna know how hot pavement is then.

To keep cool I bought this monday supercool cootmats, they don't have to be put in the fridge or in cold water, they just cool, when something warm is placed on it. Monday it was not that warm, but  yesterday, when one dog stood up, the other one is laying on it.
They where not very expensive and they keep cool and happy.
I think today we will even set up a smal pool, and just see what happens then, I know collies, and in all those years I had not 1 who liked water, so we just see.

We just gonna keep quiet, keep them cool, with plenty of cool water and don't go anywhere.

Coolmats for tho dogs, they love it


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