Woefbox juli!!

Another blogpost today!! The Woefbox of juli has arived today,
again a big box of yumistuff for the doggies!!!
It is always big fun unpacking this box of goodies, and there where many nice things in it this time again.

Judy and the new woefbox

I tried to pose Judy next to the box, just for a fun picture, this looked more cute then the posed picture.

This months box contained

A toy with a squeeker in the shape of a cow
a package of Duck jerkey (nice to use for dogshowing)
2 packs of dogchocolate!!
a pack of Chicken bones (oh my they love them)
a sack of cookies
again 3 packs of wetfood from Renske.
and a trial size bottle of nourishing shampoo

Also there where many nice adverts in the box, who are very nice to check out, and there was a coupon!!!

I'm happy I can spoil the monsters again this month with this great box

opening the woefbox

And when I'm still typing, a quick weather update, it is hot, the dogs are keeping very slow, and they absolutely hate the watersprinkler LOL



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