Albert Payson Terhune Stamp Project

Great initative from the Terhune Sunnybank Memorial!! They are collecting signs to convince the U.S Postal Stamp comitee that there must be a stamp to honour Albert Payson Terhune. This stamp should be in a series of American writers. And I think that he deserves this. He is ofcourse of big influence in collies, but also in his writing. Without Lad, we maybe wouldn't have Lassie. Because of his stories, alot of people wanted to buy a collie, and many breeders in the USA started with a collie because of Sunnybank and APT.

A few years ago the TSM also tried to raise signs, and let our hero Albert Payson Terhune be on a stamp, but they rejected to. 2016 must be the year of APT. So I myself have also started collecting signs. And it goes pretty well. Altough it is a tough job over here in the Netherlands, many many collie people don't know about Terhune, and since I'm not able to write about him in our Dutch collie magazine anymore, it is not an easy job.

In the meantime I did fairly well, but for all who wants to sign petitions, contact
and ask for  a petitionform, look on this page aswell

There is more info on the stamp project!!!! It would be so much fun If we could accomplish this

My already signed petitions


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