Dogshow Bremen

This weekend we where in Bremen Germany, and If you also read my blog on my kennel, you probably saw that it was a great one, with super results.
But what you didn't see was the great trip we had.

Bremen has a super dogshow, and it is held in an awsome Messe. We travel by mobilehome, and I always find the camping facilities super. And behind the big Messe there is a great hotel, with behind that a terrific park, you can spend hours walking there.

So when we arived in Bremen (we did not have traffic yay) we fed the dogs, ate some ourselves, and then set foot to the park. It was really lovely wheater, not too hot, but just warm enough to leave your coats at home. We have been there for a few hours, and we met some great colliepeople there!! They told us they would support us the next day at show, esspecially Vivien, they loved how she looked.

At the end of our walking trip I wasn't sure Vivien would do all good at show, because her complete coat was in tangles with sticks and leaves in it, she looked not so pretty anymore.
But we enjoyed our walk, and so did the doggies, it relaxes us both, so we can go fresh into the ring next morning.

Showday started early on Sunday, so I think it was maybe 5:30 in the morning we already walked around over there, to make them do their duties. And pick up some new leaves.
So when the doors openend at 7AM I knew I had work to do. Get Vivien's coat clean.
We did!!! and she shined in the ring gaining excellent 3.
And Dita did even better with her Best of Breed.

Again we are very proud, but we enjoyed all of it, not only the glory in the ring.

Isn't this beautifull

Vivien, still clean!

Dita, she is so sweet


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