Lara's Gift

I love to read! And I can say that there is a great collection of all kinds of books in my house.
Most of them are informationbooks on how to take care of your dog, history of the breed and things like that. But I do have some storiebooks aswel, and no, they are not only by Albert Payson Terhune.

I really would like you to know the book Lara's Gift, by Annemarie O'Brien.
It is a beautifull storie, of a young girl, that is working with the borzoi's toghether with her dad.
She can continue this work and she tinks she will Always be a caretaker of the dogs, until she gets a baby brother, then she knows she has to be girly and behave like a lady.
The storie is set in Russia, where the lovely breed ofcouse comes from.

When I bought it, I was just in love with the cover of the book, that was actually the reason for buying it, but once I started reading I couldn't put it down. I must have read it one way trough, and felt so alike as Lara, the girl in the book.

It is a hardcover book with a lovely dust Jacket, it has 193 pages so it is not a huge book. I think childeren will love this as much as adults will, the ISBN is  9780307931757 .

If you love dogs you must buy this book! It really is a great story, I looked around on the internet and it is fairly easy to find, and not very expensive. You really won't regret it.

Cover of the book


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