My older collie drawings

Sometimes, when I'm inspired, and have the time I draw, and most of the time it will involve a collie, altough I do draw other things, I always put a dog into it.
This is one of my earliest drawing of a collie,
I have much improved over the years, luckily. In the  period I made this I didn't even put dates to my art and drawings.
That is actually a big shame because I wouldn't know when I made it.

But anyway this is the first one

This is also an oldie, I made this one out of a booklet by a Danish Judge.
I think this is a collie from the Milas kennels, it was such a lovely picture I had to dry drawing it.

The shape of the collie is for me one of the nicest things to draw, but also very challenging, because I know the breed so well, I will try to make the shape look as perfect as possible


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