My second Sunnybank storie

This upcoming weekend there will be a great Gathering on Sunnybank, sadly for me it is way over in the US, and I cannot travel there so much. ( I've been in the US this year, but that is another storie)
And as I was briefly writing for our breedclub about Sunnybank, I will today share my second storie.

I hope you like it....

Here's my second writing for the dutch collieclub!

A little beginnining,

Albert Payson Terhune was born on december 21th 1872 in Newark, that is about 20 miles from Sunnybank. Hij was de youngest son of reverend Edward Payson Terhune, and writer Mary Virginia Hawes Terhune. Albert was born as the 8 years after his siblings, and because of he was born on the birthday of his mother, he called him the greatest gift the ever received.
Writing was in the blood of Albert, his mom was a famous writer, who wrote a lot of great books, under the name Marion Harland. Also the sisters of Albert wrote some and even his daughter
Lorraine, you can tell it is a real writing family.
But the love of animals was there very early on in his life. On Sunnybank, there where Always a lot of animals present, and dogs where among them. If there been Always collies on Sunnybank is not sure, but dogs for certain. Reverend Terhune loved huntingdogs, so huntingdogs, like pointers where
around mostly.
Albert loved to play with the dogs as a little boy, and on a nice day he was having big fun with some young, huntingdog puppies. Young Bert would enjoy this game so much, he would get the pups by
the ears, and Swiss and sway them around on it. Reverend Terhune, saw this accident, and went up to Albert. He did not say a word, got him up by his ears, and swayed him around on his ears, like he did with the little dogs. That message was clear, Albert Payson Terhune, would never hurt a dog from that day on.

De very first collie young Albert would buy, was when he was 13 years old, He saved 9 dollars, and this was a huge amount of money, so it had to be spend to something very special. Well that had to be a dog, A tricolor collie, who came from a dogrescue in New York, He called this dog Argus.
Argus and Albert became best buddies, and all of his spare time after school would be devoted to the upbringing of the collie. Later in live Albert would Always say the he learned 10 times more from Argus, then what he had learned him.
His skul was broad and thick, and his eyes where round, and also his coat was not what, was expected from a showdog, but he surrely loved that dog. When he later became a Judge he told he would never award a dog like Argus for his showingpoint, but with a lump in his throat, because Argus was for him a very special and dear dog. Sadly he could not enjoy Argus for very long, When Albert was 15, 2 years after buying Argus, he drowned in Pomton Lakes. That is how the storie goes, the thuth about Argus could be a little different, because Albert lliked to make his stories a little more interesting from time to time, so the exact truth about Argus is not really clear. But one thing is for certain, he sure missed his buddie Argus. Argus made a collieman of Albert Payson Terhune.
Sadly enough there are no pictures found of Argus







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