The coming of Scarlett

Today is a great day to remember, to me then. It is the day that we picked up our Scarlett at the airport. The road to the airport was not that long, but the journey we had to get Scarlett was a bit longer.

We had been showing for a long while and we really wanted to have some puppies of our own, so we went on with our first Star to the vets to go check all out, and she was free from all things we could test at that time, so we aranged a dog for her and we tried to get puppies. (the arrangement took longer that one line but this is a storie of Scarlett, and not of Star)
After several tries and a few years later, Star wasn't able to get puppies and I was really disappointed.

In the meantime I had been learning more about the breed, and I found that I couldn't have puppies with Star, I would turn in another direction. This led me to Canada. (and America also)
I found that collies over here where not really looking close to what I found was the breedstandard, and me being me, I didn't want to have something that was easy to find, and accesable.

After a long period of emailing, waiting, more emailing and even more waiting we could pick up our precious girl Scarlett from Schiphol Airport Amsterdam.
I know I was so terrible nervous and exiting at the same time. We where a bit early over there, so we had to go shopping in the mainhall because of some inspections that had been done (probably to check healthpapers). When we arived back at the animalhotel  we had to fill in all kinds of forms, I don't even know where that was for, my dad, who was with me, probably knows what it was all about. And after all this formal things we could pickup our crate with pretty little Scarlett in it.

We drove out of the busy airport enviroment and released her for the first time from her crate at a gasstation nearby. She jumped out of the crate, into my arms, wagging her tail, and kissing my face, at that moment she made me her best friend. You cannot image how special we both are to eachother.
She makes me happy every day, and her first daughter Judy, she delivered on my lap, never wanting to part a cm from where I was going. She is the mom of our first litter, and the grandmom of our second.
She is the start of Glamourace Collies, altough we started out with showing other collies, Scarlett will be my special girl.

That is why I remember this particular day every year

first kiss, Scarlett and me outside the airport


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