The Great Outdoors

That sounds cool, don't it? Well the wheatherforcast was so wicked this morning I actually didn't know what to do. This morning there was a lot of rain, and thunder and lightning, so I didn't expect it to be dry at all.
But when the morning went on, the rain started to clear up and the sun was starting to shine.
I only had to check on the tick radar, yes we do have a tick radar in the Netherlands, and it seemed it would be ok. So the forrest was the goal for today!!!! All the dogs love it and I hadn't been in the forest for a while.

The 4 oldest colliegirls where the Lucky ones. Why?? Well 3 of them are in season, and I wanted to give the young boy at home a little break. And for myself it is the easiest to go out with not more then 4 dogs at once, when I'm alone with no help.

I was totally covered tickproof as you can say, wellies on, longsleef fleece jacket, and it was soo hot, but the girls loved it.
We have been away for more then 2 hours, and when we arived back with the car I was soaked up in sweat and the girls where nice and tired. (What is very important to have water with you when going on such a long trip, esspecially for the doggies)

So after a few hours we came home, safe and sound I checked the girls for ticks, and there was just 1!! I'm happy about that.
I think when we where at home for maybe 30 minutes the rain started pooring again, so nice trip in beautifull Gaasterlân in Fryslân!!!

quick pictures of the girls, and the beautifull Frisian landscape


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