Woefbox August

It is time for the woefbox again!!! It arived today, and ofcourse I was very curious what was in there.
The dogs are also very curious, they cannot stop and snif on the box.
This time I lett Star pose with the box before I unpacked it.

Star with the Woefbox
This month it contained alot of great goodies again.
So we are again ready to spoil them the rest of the month.

Inside the Woefbox
So what it in it this month

1 big pack of Renske dry food, with fishflavour
1 pack of Dental care sticks, I know this is for one week for one dog, but I think it will be just the whole package on 1 day, for all the dogs!!
1 package of dried chickenstrips, cowslungs, and chickenbones (those to with me to show)
1 package of pigears, I know Anna will love them.
A very awsome toy, that looks like a frog.
A poopbagdispenser, with poopiebags.
And a little jar with minicookies, I think I will use those on trainingsessions
And last but not least a tryalsize bottle of greenfields dogshampoo.

I'm very happy again with all of the stuff I got, and I can go on spoil the dogs again.

Some of the things in the Woefbox


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