National dog week

It's National dog week... For me it is always dogweek, dogday, dogmonth, dogyear. So did I do something special during this dogweek? Well not really, but I had a week of, from my job, so the dogs got more attention this week, so maybe it was a little bit of a special dogweek.

I know the week is not yet over, and there is more to come, but we already did some nice things together. We have been on long walks, not in the forest of Gasterlân this time, last time I went there, I touhgt there where no ticks, but I found many many of them few days after.

I've been thinking of new puzzles for the doggies, and tried some of them out, and I already blogged about one. I tought Lucky how to fetch a coockie, yay!!!! he loves it, and it makes me so happy to see him so attentive with his asking eyes for more.

And being at home from work means ofcoarse more hugs and kisses, so they had a big share of it.
For me it is not special to treat my dogs with a lot of love and affection, I simply do it everyday, only did I have more time for them now, so they got a bit more spoiled.

So I'm of now for some more dogwalking, spoiling etc, maybe I even think of a new game, who knows......


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