Pet smile month

It is this month pet smile month, and I think that is a great thing. Ofcoarse it is not only about a sweet smile you animal gives you, in my case the dogs, but it's all about dental health, and dental care.

As a person who goes to dogshows, I wan't a big row of shiny white teeth for the Judge, but that is not all. Bad teeth, and gums can lead to all kinds of diseases, even heart diseases!!!
So it is not only for cosmetic reasons you clean your dogs teeth, it is also for their health, and that is what we all want.
And a dog with a bad breath is also not very nice, but he can't help it.

What I do is, I clean my dogs teeth every other day, with a toothbrush and dog toothpolish, you may never ever use toothpolish that is designed for humans. A lot of dogtootpolishes have nice flavour so the brushing could be made a little bit easier.
I must say that when you train your dog with toothbrushing when he is still a little puppy it wil go more easy then with a grownup, who is not used to such business.
So I try to do that every other day, but at least twice a week.

On mondays I go over all the dogs, check their coat, nails etc, and if there is any plaque I will remove it with a scraper. Here is also a little note, do not scrape below the age of 2 years, you could damage the coating of the teeth.

And every now and then I give them a dental care snack.

A few weeks ago I got 1 Dental D'light turtle made by  Antos, as a present for entering a dogshow.
So I decided Anna should get it, because it looked like it would be to big for the collies. I once tried different things of different brands, but this one was very tastefull, or I think so, because Anna was finished with it very soon. But I don't know it if really worked, because she was finished with it soo soon, but  maybe it was ok for her gums, and she got a lovely treat.
I checked on the internet, and found there where different sizes, so afterwards this turlte was maybe more suitable for the collies then for the big borzoi mouth.

Maybe I will go out and buy more of them, just to see how thing work.
In the meantime take care, and brush your dogs teeth......

Dental D'light turtle

Anna enjoying her dental turtle


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