Snuffelbox, sounds great doensn't it?? I've been ordering the Woefbox for a while, and after 4 boxes I had a lot of treats for my dogs, that's cool ofcoarse but I don't want my dogs to be fat, so I decided to just quit the Woefbox.

Now I was almost finished with all the treats from the box, I found on the internet a similar kinda box, called Snuffelbox!!!! I got curious of it, so I decided to check it out.

Fun thing is, the Snuffelbox gives some percentage of the income to great sources like shelters and stuff, so while ordering a box, everytime I will give to charity aswell!
On the other hand it is a bit more expensive then the Woefbox, so that is a consideration.
With ordering I could say if I wanted to order for a small, medium, large or giant breed, so that is very handy also, and I could order it for one month, every month, or every tide of the year.

Now letts go and see what is in the box!!!

inside the snuffelbox!!!

1 jar of premade icepopcicles for the doggies!!!
all for paws dental chewing toy!
2 frescopet fresh smelling thingies, you can put on the dogcollar and they will keep smelling fresh inbetween washings
1 bag of dried fish, with dried chicken wrapped around, (that will be a great treat for dogshows)
a frisbee
a giant stick of meat
and 1 waterdispenser for when you are traveling

I was very happy surprised with this box, I love the stuff in it, and look forward to next time!
To order a snuffelbox, go to

look at all this funstuff


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