Spoiling the dogs???

Ok, on some days, things don't go as you want to. Today was a day like that. So when I drove home from my job I had to go by the Welkoop, that is an agriculture store in the Netherlands. Actually I didn't need anything. I have toys, enough treats, nothing was really eaten, gone and empty, so why should I even go.
I don't know, some people will buy shoes, or eat chocolate, and I like to spoil the dogs.

The first thing I bought was really a treat, especially for Vivien, it is a puzzle. And according to the box it is a 4 in 1 puzzle, so in the upcoming days I'm gonna figure out how that will work. And hopefully I can make a nice picture of a videoclip of it.

Second thing and third, I bought, are 2 teethcleaning products. Maybe that is not really something the dogs think of being spoiled, but it will benefit to their health.  Because of petsmile month, I wanted to buy it now and try it. Hopefully I will see results before the month is over. I still have my denti fresh teeth powder, ( look at one of my last posts) but as I told before, that product is discontinued so when that jar is empty I will need a new product.

I bought a foam, wich I will use on the puppies (wel 9 months in not a puppy anymore) because they have beautifull white clean teeth. And I bought the gel for the older dogs, not that they have bad teeth, not at all, but because they are older, tartar and plaque will build up on their teeth more easily, and I often need to scale their teeth with a scraper. Now I like to try if using this gel, I might not need to scale teeth anymore, or I hope less.

Let's see how things go I will keep you updated

The puzzle I bought

The foam on the left, the gel on the right


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