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Snuffelbox for fall

Yay the Snuffelbox arived today!! And ofcoarse the dogs where so exited, and me too ofcoarse.
It is Always a great treat to open up the box and look what's inside

So what is inside it this time.
A supercool toy with saucages Star loves it, it's hers.
a Pigsnout, Star and Lucky shared it and eaten it already.
a lamspaw.
a package with 3 hotdogs!
a nice soft squeekie toy
and a package of chickensticks

I'm very happy with this box, the toys look very sturdy, and the treats are chosen great.
I look forward to my winter box already

Do you want to order a Snuffelbox too!!! go to


Here is an old picture of Vivien and me dogscooting, or kickbiking. I used to call it kickbiking, but I found out this sport is called scooting so I will name both terms.

I've been doing this for 2 years now, and I have big fun with it. With all kinds of exercise I get somethimes bored very easily. But the dogs need their movement ofcoarse. So after a break, that lasted almost all summer I picked this thing up this week.

I read somewhere about a endurece tryal, and I got curious about it. The dog needs to run next to your bike, for 20 km's, on 10 km's they will check the paws of the dog, and after the 20 km's you have to do some obedient stuff.

Probably I won't go for the real tryal, but I wanted to train few of my doggies to at least 15 km's.
Judy and Dita are the first dogs I will train towards more km's. They are already around 5 so we will start working that up with a km every 2 weeks.

I will keep you updated over here.

Happy Birthday mistress of Sunnybank

Today, October 27th is the birthday of the Mistress of Sunnybank, Anice Terhune.  And wife to Albert Payson Terhune.

She was born in 1873, and was the second wife of Albert Payson Terhune, but they knew each other from childhood on, and Albert used to call her Annie.
In the books Anice is always portrayed as the mistress of Sunnybank.

Anice died at November 9, 1964

Mijn vriend Rik

I'm so sorry for not posting for a while but sometimes there are so many other things to do, and I need to go to work to get my money so it's been a while.
But now I want to share again a very very nice book I got. I had it as a present from one of my best friends, and mentors in the collie breed.

This book is about a Rotweiller and it's called  Mijn vriend Rik, by Jan van Rheenen.
At first I tought why I wanna read a book about a Rotweiller, but I have a very cool colliebook by the same writer, and it wasn't the largest book with the most pages, so I started reading it.

You wouldn't believe how quick I finished this book, the story is so great told, this man can really write a book you get hooked on (if you like dogbooks) when I finished it, wat was within 2 days I found it like I read some Terhune story but then with another breed and another language.

The books first publishing date was in 1954, and that makes the book very sweet in reading, no fowl languages, a…


Yesterday I have been fighting a bit with making this little videoclip, just for fun. But the result is pretty great. Most of the pictures are with dogs, obviously, but there are a few others aswel.

I think I will create more of those video's it is a quick way to share many many pictures in an easy way,