Mijn vriend Rik

I'm so sorry for not posting for a while but sometimes there are so many other things to do, and I need to go to work to get my money so it's been a while.
But now I want to share again a very very nice book I got. I had it as a present from one of my best friends, and mentors in the collie breed.

This book is about a Rotweiller and it's called  Mijn vriend Rik, by Jan van Rheenen.
At first I tought why I wanna read a book about a Rotweiller, but I have a very cool colliebook by the same writer, and it wasn't the largest book with the most pages, so I started reading it.

You wouldn't believe how quick I finished this book, the story is so great told, this man can really write a book you get hooked on (if you like dogbooks) when I finished it, wat was within 2 days I found it like I read some Terhune story but then with another breed and another language.

The books first publishing date was in 1954, and that makes the book very sweet in reading, no fowl languages, and maybe be even a bit oldfashioned (what to expect of a book of 1954)
It is not an exiting adventure story but it tells the great tale of a man and his best friend Rik the rotweiller, and it makes you really think, wow, it's great having a dog, the feeling of man's best friend is the most important theme of the book.

It is an old book, but after some googling, I found out it is very easy to find, even if the Rottie is not your breed, you will love this oldfashioned dogstorie

Mijn vriend Rik, Jan van Rheenen


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