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My concern for my breed the rough collie

I'm having a big concern for my breed. In the Netherlands it is at a terribly low point. I myself am always being critisized because I seem to have a different type. But my dogs have a wedge shaped head, and can move, they have no narrow underjaws. Why pick on my dogs.

I see way to much dogs winning with head that are triangular shaped instead of wedge shaped, they have way to much stop. They have terribly small eyes, not like sweet expression at all. Ears that are on the side of the head instead of on top of it.

And I could go on further and further.

I put here two collages for yourselve to see, one is with correct hocks the other one with wrong hocks while watched from the behind
I'm very happy that the dogs in the picture of good hocks are all mine, the bad ones are photo's we made ourselve.

I do not claim to have the best dogs, but I know they are not as bad as too many people say. I know how a collie should look, and It should not look like some kind of deformed anima…

The illustrated Standard

A little review on a beautifull small booklet.
This A4 format booklet is a briljant piece of work. It was published by the Collie Club of America and I was searching for it for a long time. I think I have it in my collection now for a while, but I was really fortunate that I got it from a friend, that is making her collection smaller, because of age.
So when she decided the booklet would me mine I was sooo exited.

The booklet itselve doesn't look spectacular to non collie people, it has no hardcover and has not many pages. But what is on the pages is most important.
Really beautifull images drawn by Lorainne B Still. Every aspect on the collie is carefully drawn, it is the best way of taking the written standard into a mental image.

The complete collie is covered, from the shape of the head, untill the shape of the body, the correct front and rear, headplanes you name it. The whole collie is carefully drawn into a great standard.

The drawings are still used as reverence for the id…

Happy Thanksgiving

I know in the Netherlands we do not celabrate Thanksgiving, but I found it so much fun to see all people wishing each other a nice Thanksgiving, that I now share just in time a happy Thanksgiving to all people that watch my silly little blog

Cutest dog

This weekend we had a great show, it was a younsters and veterans presentation of our breedclub.
It is a show where the presure is low and even non-show people enjoy to go.
For me ofcoarse it's a matter of life and death, and when my pirate princess (nickname for my Star) was placed 4, when there was such bad quality I was a bit pissed of, so to say.

But later on I had to enter the ring with Lucky!! I know he is wicked and cool and funny. And with his hormones taking the control over him, I had absolutely no change of getting him to show normally. He ended on the second place, but he was awarded to go to the cutest dog in show contest!!!

So at the end of the day we where in this contest!! I absolutey don't get how a dog becomes cuter then another, but it was great we where compeating.

Lucky did not win..... But we had fun, and I apparently have a cute dog!

Foggy weather scooting

I promised to make updates on the dogscooting, and I will do those updates.
Yesterday I went for a ride with Judy, the wheater was extreme foggy so it was cold due to high humidity. But we made it, and we beat our own time and had a new personal record!!! Judy and I can now make 4,8 km's in 24 minutes, and when we started this journey we where 4 minutes slower than our new time.
So I think it is now time that we increase our distance.
To be continued