The illustrated Standard

A little review on a beautifull small booklet.
This A4 format booklet is a briljant piece of work. It was published by the Collie Club of America and I was searching for it for a long time. I think I have it in my collection now for a while, but I was really fortunate that I got it from a friend, that is making her collection smaller, because of age.
So when she decided the booklet would me mine I was sooo exited.

The booklet itselve doesn't look spectacular to non collie people, it has no hardcover and has not many pages. But what is on the pages is most important.
Really beautifull images drawn by Lorainne B Still. Every aspect on the collie is carefully drawn, it is the best way of taking the written standard into a mental image.

The complete collie is covered, from the shape of the head, untill the shape of the body, the correct front and rear, headplanes you name it. The whole collie is carefully drawn into a great standard.

The drawings are still used as reverence for the ideal collie, they are also on the cover of many international collie handbooks.
Also in the great book of ms Hazel Hunt the drawings from this booklet are used, to describe the perfect collie.

I'm very very happy with this great booklet.

Illustrated collie standard


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