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Wicked things that could only happen to me at show

This weekend I went to show, like most weekends, and normally everything goes well, but every now and then I have some wicked and strange things happening.
Maybe you all know of my story of Spiessen and the I don't know how many roadblocks, well, this is something in that range.

This Sunday we had an evening show in Belgium, and because the doors would not open till 12;00 o'clock we decided we could go for a walk in Tienen. No problem, but after a big hour of walking, we where totally lost, that is not great for my nerves, and I was thinking I could never find the exibition hall again and we would be totally to late and all.
After we asked a very nice person we decided to walk back the same road we came, all of a sudden we saw the hall and we made a shortcut trough the gras and we where back to our mobile home and the showsight.

Finally inside everything went ok. Brushing dogs, having a little chat, very nice. At 14 pm our breed was being judged. Our ring was so very tiny I looked like a poststamp, and when you have to lett a borzoi move it doesn't make it very easy, so In my first round I walked on accident right into the christmastree and several ornaments where falling out and broke.
My princess made it Best of Breed so I was happy, but I had a feeling it was a strange day.

Within half an hour my collies had to be shown, and it was the same kind of small ring to be judged in. I was happy there was not a Christmastree, but I forgot there are more things you can fall over. So when I took Lucky in the ring, I tripped over the cross bars of a fence.......

I was happy I had them judged aswell and I had a great junior win for Lucky.
Then it was waiting for the mainring. They made a nice ring of honour, a bit to small maybe, but it was pretty ok. Only the carpet was a bit slippery on the floor, so it would start sliding when you ran over it. For every person and dog it went ok, and as you can guess, when I was entering in brace class and I had to do my straight up and down, the carpet just curled up, I was slipping out and fell right into the arms of the ringsteward, nothing sore and the dogs where just as happy as before but I knew now it was a terrible clumsy day for me.
My brace got second in show, so also super result!!!! But why all this slipping and falling.

Between brace class and judging of FCI group 10 was a looootttt of time, so I went to fill the water bottles for the dogs again, as I was walking to the toilet to fill my bottle a standard bull terrier jumped up onto the bottle as a devil out of a box, he aparently tought I was carying a dummy or such, the owner was shocked her dog did this, but I was also pretty in shock, this was  a heavy dog and I know nothing happened to me the dog and the bottle it is a big sturdy dog jumping on me.

I found now that I had enough strange things on one day, but last but not least, one of the toiletseats was also loose so I had even a hard time while going there.
At the end of the day Anna my borzoi girl made it Best in Group 10 so I was really happy, but I never had so many stange things happening to me at one day....

I hope I have more relaxing shows in 2016...............


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