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Januari Instagram!!

Walk your dog app

I have a new Phone, I didn't really need it, but my mom wanted a smartphone and I liked one with more memory, so I gave my Phone to my mom, and got myselve a new one.

Now I'm not for the fancy expensive ones, I just went to a store with a minimal amourt of phones and got a cheap but ok one, with a lot of memory space.

So now I could go on and get fun new apps, and I came across a Walk your dog app.

It's pretty funny, you can fill in the name of your dog, even what kind of breed it is, if it is neutered or not, gender and age!!! And there is this +button, and you can easily do more dogs in the same app.
I started with my 2 youngsters, I filled in their names, and their pictures.
In the following days I will put all the dogs in it.

Now you can start walking, just put your GPS on and go, when you are walking you can take pictures within the app, so you don't have to close it down, and when your dog makes a pee or does a poop, you can click on the little buttons.
I don…

Why doggames are so much fun

As you can see on my blog, I love doggames, and I can't help it, but every time we are at an event or show, I must go see those games, and almost all of the time I buy one.
So my score of games is pretty high at the moment.
But why are those games so much fun??

Well every dog has a certain purpose, or job. My dogs the collies used to be sheepherders, and my borzoi a hunter. But in normal daily life I do not hunt wolfs and I don't own a flock of sheep, so I cannot do job with them, wich they where bred to do for many, many centuries.

Now I know I can go to a coarse and go coarsing or racing with our borzoi, and I know I can do sheepherd training with my collies, but it is just not my cup of tea.
I do train with my dogs but I love dogshows so that is merely showtraining I do. And the dogs love it too, really, they are working with me, I ask them to stand and the Judge to go over them, so that is kind of work for them, but after a while it is a routine for them, so they need a ne…

The Kibble drop

I couldn't help it, but last week at dogshow I saw again another supercool game for my dogs again. So I decided to buy it. It is the kibble drop by Kyjen Outward hound. It seemed that my ying yang game is from the same maker.

It is very cool, and it is a bit different then my other games, you have to put a kibble or treat into the middle, then the treat will roll towards one of the 4 legs of the game, and then the dog has to look where the treat went, and he can eat it when he opens up the cover.

It is recomended to put on a surface where the game cannot slip to every side.
Because when Anna and Star where doing it, it went all ok, they where not going crazy, but with Vivien the game went all over de place, she threw it in the air and out came the treat, so that did not really work.

So I really need to work on a more easy behaviour when it comes to Vivien and Judy making this game.
But you can in the meantime enjoy Anna doing her game with ease.
I like this game and I bet my dogs …

Lad a dog 100 year

This month januari 2016 makes the 100th anniversery of the story of  Lad. Exactly 100 years ago Albert Payson Terhune's story His Mate is printed in Red Book Magazine.
Before those dogyarns he wrote many mysteries and other tales, but when His Mate was published with Lad the great collie with the absurdly tiny forepaws, the fame of Albert Payson Terhune began to rise.
Who would have know that a tale about a dog could make someone famous, but for many Americans it was a reason to want a collie, and there are a huge amount of breeders and owners of collies that love the book Lad a dog, and they will state it was their start in the breed.

The book Lad a dog came later, that was not published earlier then in 1919, the story's of Lad first only where printed as serials in magazines, and later they where being bundled up in a book.

Lad a dog is still in print today, so that is very nice. Als because the stories are so old, many books of Terhune are online because they are public dom…

Blue Monday

Today is blue Monday, so we all need to be depressed because all our new years resolutions failed. Wrong!!! I don't like the blue Monday  stuff. The wheater over here is beautifull, it's cold but the sun is shining. The roads are luckily not slippery anymore so why be depressed.

For my new years resolutions, I didn't really make them, but I wanted to post more on this blog, and I did. I did 2 or 3 posts a week and people read it, that makes it really nice to do.

For the whole exercise with you pet month, that is not really coming along. We had ice-rains last week so we where forced to stay indoors, it was just too slippery to go outside. I can say I really had some trouble with the doggies because they are used to exercising, but it was way to dangerous. There was no possibility to drive to our favorite spot, and just walking along the road was not a great idea. So I made them do their duties in our yard, and in the meantime I tried to make them a bit tired with some great…

Dental care update!!

A while ago, I bought some new dental care gel and foam and I promissed to make an update on it.
I have been using the teethgel and foam in the first period for nearly every day, the youngsters got their foam, and the adults the gel.
I must say it worked, really, teeth where clean and there was not new tartar and stuff building on their teeth, so that was positive.
But, there is a but, I'm sorry, my dogs stomachs did not react great on the cleangel. That was a big shame because I really loved it that I didn't have to brush so regularly their teeth. And I do know that, that is a lazy thing, but when teeth are white and shiny and I don't have to brush that much I get happy! So now I use it once a week, and it works ok, but when I finish the bottles I don't think I will buy it again, not because of the product but purely because of my dogs getting not totally well.
And I don't like it when my doggies get diarrhea after their teeth being done.

If your dogs have a bette…

Rough collies of Distinction

This book brings so many nice memories. It is Rough collies of Distinction by Pat Hutchinson, Iris Combe and Dareen Bridge.

I bought it on my very first trip to crufts in the beginning of the 2000's, not sure when I went there for the first time.
The book is a hardcover one, with a lovely dust jacket. De collie on the cover is Freelander Phrosty moon over Corydon, I hope I spelled his name right, a really lovely collie, and I had the honour to see this marvelous dog in real at crufts. His colour was so striking and his bone, wow. I could go on about Crufts and that dog, but I'm talking here about the book.

As I said a hardcover with dust jacket, the size is nice, it is a coffeetable book but not very large, so you can sit with it on the sofa and have it nice on your lap.

Every 2 pages containes 1 dog, a little story on that particular dog and his picture or his drawing, because some of the early dogs never got on a real picture. Pedigrees and owners, wins and other nice things…

Nina Ottoson puzzle

This is such a nice puzzle. Almost all of our dogs really love it, almost all of them....
When I buy a dogpuzzle or game I immediatly think of Vivien, she is the best puzzlestar of them all. And this puzzle she tried once at a dogshow. At this show they displayd the puzzles on the floor, and Viv loving that, just started making it.

This puzzle is very nice when you use it as one part, but you can build a bigger game out of it, when you buy additional ones, to make a very big challenge for the dogs.
I only have one part, and I bought it in sale because they can be  a bit expensive, but on the other hand, if there is something that is heavily chewed on, you can buy new parts for your game so that is pretty cool. Then you wouln't have to trow the whole game away.

It is made of sturdy plastic and Scarlett really chewed on it, and there are almost no teethmarks in the plastic, so that is great.
This is a pretty advanced game, but Scarlett isn't really a dog for games, so she had a…

The National Specialty of the CCA part 4

Saturday of the Nationals, the most important day!!! It started early and the first thing to come around was juniorhandling, or Juniorshowmanship as it is called in the USA.
I have to admit that those young people performed their best, and it looked way better then it did the day before, apparently that was a practice and for real it was way better.

Then in the upcoming hours there where only beautifull dogs, perfectly groomed and so well presented. I think everyone was very proud of their special dogs.
At the time the best of breed had to be chosen every person in the building was crowded around the ring to watch what the Judge would do.
And at the end of the day a beautifull rough sable was chosen for best of breed.

In all of the pictures I took I kinda got lost wich one was winner, but I will just post some nice pictures over here!!

When the show was over, we browsed around the place a while and we chatted with some people, but most of them had an amazingly long journey to go home.…

The National Specialty of the CCA part 3

If I'm not wrong the judging on Friday began with progenygroups, and it was different then we are used to here in the Netherlands, but it was very well put up.
Each Bitch or studdog went on first, then his progeny would enter the ring, just one by one, so you could really see the resemblance.

What is also very nice, but strange to us, is that there are smooths and roughs in those classes at the same time, in the USA it is not forbidden to interbreed those.
Over here it the smooth and rough are 2 different breeds, but over there they are just 2 variaties, that can be bred to each other.

Also this day the talking went on and there was another auction going on, so for the last day I placed my bid on some books, and I did win again!!!!
The judging of the smooths was very beautifull, we where starting on the normal benches, as we did not want to spend al of our time in the mentoring seats.

It was very moving to see that the Judge had tears in her eyes when she picked out her winners. I…

The Flood Fighters

Nothing is more relaxing on this terrible cold days then reading a book. And for me that is reading a Terhune book!!!
This is a new published story that Albert Payson Terhune wrote under the name Stephen Dircks.  And it wasn't published in bookform until now.
It came as a serial in Country Gentleman in the early 1920's, and now it finally came into book form.

The book is not very thick and it is a quick read, but it is very exiting, it is about 2 young boy's and a collie (yay) who get into a riverflood!
I found it not even a very dated story, most of the time I feel that way with those old books, but this one wasn't even that oldfashioned as I expected.

The book is paperback but I also saw it was in kindle edition aswel.

And what I find so beautifull about this book, is that it contains the Original artwork so on the start of every chapter there is a very nice print. And yes at almost all of those prints is a collie!

I don't want to put spoilers over here so I sugg…

Mooi Mooier Mooist

Here is my first bookreview for 2016, and it is about a Dutch book called "Mooi, Mooier, Mooist"

It is about breedstandards and the exaggeration of the breeds. The book is pretty old, it's of 1988, and when I was reading it, I was shocked.

There has been almost 30 years now since this book was written, and more and more the purebred dogs are being under fire. On tv they all speak of the breedstandards not being ok for healh. So I was amazed how this book fits in today.

It is a real eyeopener we should all look closely to our dogs before we breed. Health must come on a priority while breeding, and I don't know all breedspecifick things, but I can see there are breeds that are way too overtyped, and with those short muzzles and strange faces can never breath normally.

This book covers almost every part of the dog, like the nose the ears, the eyes, coat, bones, you name it. Every part has also specific breeds that are covered for that particular problem, and it makes y…

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year Everyone!!
A new year and some new things ahead.

First of all I really hope to write more on this blog. Probably that is the best resolution I have for 2016.  I do have ideas, but due to a lot of work I somethimes just don't write, and that is a shame, because in dogworld I have many adventures, I have my opinions, and I buy a lot of dogstuff that is great for reviewing.
I read in 2105 18 books, and 17 on them where dogbooks, now I made a new challenge to read 15 books, so many reviews will come up here.

It is get fit with your pet month, but I don't know what to do with that, I've started a plank challenge for myself, but the rest I have to figure that out.

For now it is hello 2016 and enjoy my writing over here.