Blue Monday

Today is blue Monday, so we all need to be depressed because all our new years resolutions failed. Wrong!!! I don't like the blue Monday  stuff. The wheater over here is beautifull, it's cold but the sun is shining. The roads are luckily not slippery anymore so why be depressed.

For my new years resolutions, I didn't really make them, but I wanted to post more on this blog, and I did. I did 2 or 3 posts a week and people read it, that makes it really nice to do.

For the whole exercise with you pet month, that is not really coming along. We had ice-rains last week so we where forced to stay indoors, it was just too slippery to go outside. I can say I really had some trouble with the doggies because they are used to exercising, but it was way to dangerous. There was no possibility to drive to our favorite spot, and just walking along the road was not a great idea. So I made them do their duties in our yard, and in the meantime I tried to make them a bit tired with some great brain games and puzzles. And it worked pretty ok, but I'm happy that it is normal wheater again so we can go outside for long walks.

So luckily no dogs harmed from slippery roads or getting nauseus from licking salt of their pads.

In the first weekend I have been cleaning up also, and I started selling old unwanted stuff I really don't need anymore, and from that money I'm intended to buy a game-blanket or a do it yourselve agiligy coarse. I love both and I haven't decided yet but they are both on my wishlist.

I can absolutely not say I'm having a blue Monday, the dogs are happy, I'm happy, I have a new toy for the dogs wich I will review later and I have many nice ideas for games also to keep the doggies busy, and keeping me writing this blog!!!


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