Lad a dog 100 year

This month januari 2016 makes the 100th anniversery of the story of  Lad. Exactly 100 years ago Albert Payson Terhune's story His Mate is printed in Red Book Magazine.
Before those dogyarns he wrote many mysteries and other tales, but when His Mate was published with Lad the great collie with the absurdly tiny forepaws, the fame of Albert Payson Terhune began to rise.
Who would have know that a tale about a dog could make someone famous, but for many Americans it was a reason to want a collie, and there are a huge amount of breeders and owners of collies that love the book Lad a dog, and they will state it was their start in the breed.

The book Lad a dog came later, that was not published earlier then in 1919, the story's of Lad first only where printed as serials in magazines, and later they where being bundled up in a book.

Lad a dog is still in print today, so that is very nice. Als because the stories are so old, many books of Terhune are online because they are public domain now.

Click here for a ebook of Lad a dog found on the internet

And Click here for a complete audiobook of Lad a dog

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