Mooi Mooier Mooist

Here is my first bookreview for 2016, and it is about a Dutch book called "Mooi, Mooier, Mooist"

It is about breedstandards and the exaggeration of the breeds. The book is pretty old, it's of 1988, and when I was reading it, I was shocked.

There has been almost 30 years now since this book was written, and more and more the purebred dogs are being under fire. On tv they all speak of the breedstandards not being ok for healh. So I was amazed how this book fits in today.

It is a real eyeopener we should all look closely to our dogs before we breed. Health must come on a priority while breeding, and I don't know all breedspecifick things, but I can see there are breeds that are way too overtyped, and with those short muzzles and strange faces can never breath normally.

This book covers almost every part of the dog, like the nose the ears, the eyes, coat, bones, you name it. Every part has also specific breeds that are covered for that particular problem, and it makes you aware of the sometimes weird breedstandard, and what is a way more humane way to change the breed into something still very typey but way more healthy.

I got this book again from my best friend and mentor.
But I googled it, and it is still available.

This is absolutely not wasted money if you can find it. It is written by Snijders-Verheijen, and the ISBN nr is 9012054370.
The book itself is not a very thick one, it has only 159 pages but all those pages all well worth it.

Maybe sometimes it is not funny to read things like this but we all need to go try breed for happy healthy dogs.

Mooi, Mooier, Mooist


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