Rough collies of Distinction

This book brings so many nice memories. It is Rough collies of Distinction by Pat Hutchinson, Iris Combe and Dareen Bridge.

I bought it on my very first trip to crufts in the beginning of the 2000's, not sure when I went there for the first time.
The book is a hardcover one, with a lovely dust jacket. De collie on the cover is Freelander Phrosty moon over Corydon, I hope I spelled his name right, a really lovely collie, and I had the honour to see this marvelous dog in real at crufts. His colour was so striking and his bone, wow. I could go on about Crufts and that dog, but I'm talking here about the book.

As I said a hardcover with dust jacket, the size is nice, it is a coffeetable book but not very large, so you can sit with it on the sofa and have it nice on your lap.

Every 2 pages containes 1 dog, a little story on that particular dog and his picture or his drawing, because some of the early dogs never got on a real picture. Pedigrees and owners, wins and other nice things to know are covered for every dog. The last section of the book covers family lines, the strains where all the collies of this book sprang from (and many of our today dogs as wel) I love going trough those pages tracing the dogs in their pedigree and looking fr their pictures, what came out of certain combinations.

I have no idea if this book is still available. But I saw it on ebay a few times, so it shouldn't be a hard task getting one. You will absolutely love it. The pictures are great, so even if you don't like reading there is a lot of eye candy in this book.

The beautifull cover

Signed by the authors


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