The National Specialty of the CCA part 3

If I'm not wrong the judging on Friday began with progenygroups, and it was different then we are used to here in the Netherlands, but it was very well put up.
Each Bitch or studdog went on first, then his progeny would enter the ring, just one by one, so you could really see the resemblance.

What is also very nice, but strange to us, is that there are smooths and roughs in those classes at the same time, in the USA it is not forbidden to interbreed those.
Over here it the smooth and rough are 2 different breeds, but over there they are just 2 variaties, that can be bred to each other.

Also this day the talking went on and there was another auction going on, so for the last day I placed my bid on some books, and I did win again!!!!
The judging of the smooths was very beautifull, we where starting on the normal benches, as we did not want to spend al of our time in the mentoring seats.

It was very moving to see that the Judge had tears in her eyes when she picked out her winners. I was getting emotional myself. In my own humble oppinion I never saw this kind of love for our breed here in the Netherlands. And now I felt this love the whole day, the whole time I was there.

Afterwards there was a training for the juniorhandlers, but I see many handlers here in Holland, I loaned many of my dogs for juniorhandling, so I was not impressed by what those kids where doing.
I couldn't help it, but after a while I stepped up into the ring and told them how we do handling at home, and how things could get better. It was pretty cool they really liked my few and we got into nice conversation I they understood my point, but afterwards I must say I understood their point also!!

In the evening we had a lovely buffet by the quarter century collie group. I was so nice we where again meeting up with new people.
On this evening they talked about the great things the collie rescue had done to take out more then 100 collies from a hoarder, and how they are trying to keep this person from getting new dogs. Tears where filling my eyes, and other peoples eyes aswel.
Also on this evening they showed a movie and told a great story about Elisabeth Brownings Tokalon kennel. Wow what a story, and there was a special award for dokter Bill Broken the breeder of the Foremost kennel.
I got so many info on that night, and again such nice people I was overwhelmed again!!!

Most of the people got to their hotels ealy that evening because the Saturday was the most important day of the whole show. Specials where coming up and best of variatie and best of breed.

The last day of our trip will be here in a few days.........


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