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Walk your dog app

I have a new Phone, I didn't really need it, but my mom wanted a smartphone and I liked one with more memory, so I gave my Phone to my mom, and got myselve a new one.

Now I'm not for the fancy expensive ones, I just went to a store with a minimal amourt of phones and got a cheap but ok one, with a lot of memory space.

So now I could go on and get fun new apps, and I came across a Walk your dog app.

It's pretty funny, you can fill in the name of your dog, even what kind of breed it is, if it is neutered or not, gender and age!!! And there is this +button, and you can easily do more dogs in the same app.
I started with my 2 youngsters, I filled in their names, and their pictures.
In the following days I will put all the dogs in it.

Now you can start walking, just put your GPS on and go, when you are walking you can take pictures within the app, so you don't have to close it down, and when your dog makes a pee or does a poop, you can click on the little buttons.
I don't know what is fun about that, but it is on there, so you can use it.

When you are done walking you can end your walk, and look how far you went, and how long it took, also if you enter it, you can look how many times there came something out of your dog, and wich pictures you took, on wich walk.

I like the app, but I have no idea if I will use it a lot. With a big bunch of dogs like me, I don't think I will be checking in with all my walking, but when you are at a new place it might be fun to see how many km's you walked and what kind of route it was.

For the very sportive and calorie minded people, I'm sorry to tell there is no caloriecounter in this app.

Have fun walking!!!


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