AFP, All for paws toy

In september last year I had a great toy in the Snuffelbox. It was a dental chewing toy, by the brand AFP, All for paws, a dental wish bone.

Chewing on a toy is for a dog actually fun to do, it is also great for relieving stress, and when they get bored it is also very nice to chew on something, just for fun. We don't think of it as fun, but a dog who is left alone and who doesn't get enough fysical and mental stimulation, can go chew on stuff, and ofcourse it will always be on something that you don't like.

Also with teething you pup wil chew on all sorts of things to releive him from the pain.

This toy the dental wish bone is a great one for it.

My dogs are really heavy chewers, when I buy them a toy I will always make sure it is the most sturdy toy of them all, and even then, I had them eat some toys who where according to the package where indestructible.

So when I saw this toy I was actually waiting for my dogs to destroy it within 5 minutes, but I was wrong.

It says it is a dental toy, and it really was, it has chicken flavour, I cannot really check if that is true, but I believe my dogs and they where pretty exited when I gave it to them.
When I give my dogs such a toy I make sure I have only 1 dog in the room at the same time because I don't want any fighting, so one by one I made them chew on it.

In between I just flushed it with hot water and I gave it to the next dog. Even after cleaning the toy, before giving it to the next, they stayed exited, so I believe the flavour stayed on the toy, and I did really do some good to the gum and teeth. At first their gums would bleed some but after a few days of giving them this toy, that started to go away.
I can't really say that you can stop cleaning teeth with a good ol' toothbrush, but I sure made the work easier.

On this picture you see the toy after it was chewed on for a few months, by 7 dogs, almost 3 times a week, and they where really killing this toy.
I was very happy with it, and I will defenitly go buy this toy again, it works and the dogs like it, and it lasts for a long time.
So if you only have 1 or 2 dogs, you and your dogs will have loads of fun with it, and it will help keep their teeth clean.

Star chewing the dental toy, and upper right a chewed on toy after a few months!!!


  1. your collies are so sweet!! Just signed up to follow your blog DakotasDen

    1. Thank you so much, they are absolutely cool. I will check out your blog!!!


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