Dog Breeding A Guide To Mating And Whelping

It has been a while since I did actually read a book or did a review on a book. My working and showing scheduele very busy, and I'm studying too, so reading a book, or writing about it is hard.
But this book is a great one for my study.
 Dog Breeding, a guide to Matin and Whelping by Kay White.

It is a bit of an old book, as so many of the books I read, but a breeding is still do be done with a dog and a bitch, and puppies still have the same theorie of coming out so I find this a nice one.

Ofcourse my version is the Dutch translation, but that doesn't matter.
It is written in a very understandable language, somethimes those books are very technical and after a few pages you quit reading because it is too many terms.
But this one is a nice cross between technical stuff and still informational, even for a person who never bred a litter before.
It surely is very helpfull by my study, as I have to learn about hormones who are involved in the whole proces of breeding.

The pictures in this book are exept of a few ones all in black and white. For me that is ok, I don't like coloured pictures of a puppy that is being born, but I can imagine that if you really like those things, that maybe a new print of this book should be nice, because of some coloured prints. I like it this way.

In my country is the book de Geboorte van de Hond by mr Naaktgeboren a must for the study of Canine knowledge but I think this one will do the trick also for a big part, this is an easier written book, and less tabels and graficks.

Things about food are chanching all the time so I bet, those insights are a bit old fashioned now, but I find this book a very warm welcome in the world of breeding.



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