Happy Birthday Scarlett and Winter Snuffelbox

Yesterday it was Scarlett's birthday, and it was pretty cool that my new winter Snuffelbox came in at the exact same day. Scarlett is now 7 years, but still as crazy as a puppy.
I love her so much, and now I could spoil her with our new treats and toys.
Normally I unpack the box first myself to check it out, but now Lucky's nose was already inside the box to sniff things out!!

Lucky helped me to unpack

So there where a lot of new nice thing in the box, and I must say I was pretty impressed with it, we already had a lot of fun with the ICuties ball, it is a ball, where you must insert cookies, and when the dogs roll with it, the cookies come out. it is really fun!!!

Inside the box


So what is inside the Snuffelbox this month!!!!
A box with sheepfat pads, with seaweed, it is for good skin and coat!! But beware, seaweed is terrible for blue merle coated dogs!!!!!! never ever give a blue merle collie or sheltie something with seaweed. Luckily we also have tri's so no problemo over here.

The ICuties snack attack toy bal! I love it already
A dental beef stick
A Blinky disc led light for your dog's collar, very handy in the dark.
Profine salmon trainer cookies, great for training
Grain free Gluten free, all natural Deer cookies from Antos.
A very cool blinking glow in the dark toy!!!
Antos chicken Delight chips! that would make great showtreats for my babies

I think this box is by far the best I ever ordered! All the snacks are great, and the interactive toy is so much fun for my doggies.

I did not get a coupon code with it, this time. But this box is super great!!

Scarlett on her birthday, with her new toy!!!


  1. Happy Happy Belated Birthday Sweet Girl!!! Before we got Dakota we almost got another Sheltie named Scarlett! Love that name! Today is my husband's birthday!

    1. Happy Birthday to your Husband too!!!! but I think when I read this, it is already a day later over here. And Scarlett gives you a big hug back!


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