Just like Lassie

Somethimes, or actually all the time, I get pretty anoyed when someone says to one of my dogs hey lassie. Or when people ask you what breed I have, they absolutely don't know what a rough collie is, and I'm ending up saying, a lassie dog, and they are like, ohhhh, but I know Lassie.
But I'm affraid that my collies, are in some sort of way, just like Lassie.

When I look at Scarlett she does all those small things that remind me just like the movie/storiebook hero.
When it was time for Joe to come out of school, Lassie would hurry and go run and sit at his usual spot outside school to wait for Joe.
And yes Scarlett does have some of those habits. Acording to my mom, she waits for me to come from work, she will sit in front of the window and go back and forth to the back door almost 5 minutes before I come home. And she does that every single day I go to work.
And there is another habit she has, when I got Scarlett I made it a little game to go and get dad when he had to come from his job. He works at different shifts, so when he has his late shift he will be finished working at 10pm. Scarlett will get up 5 minutes before and she makes me go get my shoes, and get a light and we have to go. She doesn't stop walking towards me, wag her tail and look at me like come on, we must go and get dad!!!
It is like she knows the working schedules exactly, and so in the daytime she makes me do the same thing! But in the daytime I turn this session into a learning session also.
We walk out of the town, and there is a small road where almost no cars drive, and we go do the sit and stay, or we do our showstacking or whatever trick I like to do, because we will have most of the time 5 till 10 minutes before my dad comes on his bike.
And then when my dad comes, she has the most un-lassie like thing, she doesn't recognize the bike of my dad, so she will not be happy and jump on him until he calles her.

So she looks just like Lassie

My Girl Scarlett doing the Sit and stay, and then come here command


  1. She is such a beauty and what a good dog!! I get annoyed because Dakota is a Shetland Sheepdog and everyone says "Is that a miniature Collie?" There is NO SUCH thing as a miniature collie! lol DakotasDen

    1. Oh, yes I can imagine that, and I get asked very frequent, if she is old, because of her coat colour lol

  2. Reacties
    1. How funny that is, I love that name!!! I bet she is just as sweet as our Scarlett!!


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