Love your Pet day

Today februari 20th is love your pet day!!!!!!
I'm a big believer that you should Always love your pet, and not only on special occasions.
But what can you do on a day like this.

Take your dog to a great new funplace to walk, and not stick to the same old route you're used to. It will be big fun for your dog to smell and explore the new places, remember dogs love that, it is kinda like their social media.
And for yourselve it is nice to, just to enjoy a new part of nature.

But when the wheater is terrible and you can't really go outside, a DIY game should be big fun,
I posted a nice tissuebox DIY game yesterday, but you can also hide treats in the house and go search with your furfriend.

Maybe you even have the time to teach your dog a new trick like fetch or high five. Or maybe you can spend more time on his grooming, (altough I don't think many dogs will appreciete washing)

Bake some cookies!!! Or buy a new toy, most fun thing is, to take your dog to the petstore and lett him or her look for his own favorite toy.

There are so many things you can do for this day, and otherwise just cuddle them, they will all love it.


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