Purebred dog day

This morning on the internet I found out it is purebred dog day. I'm a breeder, not a big one, but I  am a breeder of purebred rough collies.
I do have nothing against rescue dogs, I think they deserve a loving home, and I bet there are many extreme sweet dogs that need a loving home.
But I can't help it, I love a beautifull breed, with it's history, the breedstandard and all.

As a breeder I had many many coarses on breedingtopics, about Genetics, Breeding and what to expect, Conformation, etc.
I read as many as I can about my breed, I go to conformation shows, I talk with breeders who have a long knowledge in the breed, and I talk to several vets, about health topics.

I hear many times bad things  about purebred dogs, but I know for sure that if a breeder is responsible for his breeding and takes his time in studying the pedigree, making health checks and so on, a pure bred dog is one of the most beautifull things on earth. We are as a breeder not allowed to breed with genetic health problems and we test for it, but if you just mix two dogs, without knowing the history of both family's of dogs, I don't think that will benefit to healthier dogs in general.

Wel that's about it, for purebred dog day, I love my pedigree dogs!! But if you own a rescue or what else, just go on and love him, because every dog is something special.

My Scarlett, fit for function, happy, healty and 100% rough collie


  1. Our we Facebook friends? I posted our puppies in honor of purebred dog day. :)

    1. We now are!! I saw the pictures of you puppies!!!

  2. Oh darn I missed Pure Bred dog day! I participated last year, somehow I didn't see ANYTHING online about it this year. I am tired of people who hate those of us who have purebred dogs. All animals should be loved, whether they are purebred or rescue, they ALL deserve love!!! I LOVE my purebred dog! xoxo DakotasDen


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