Very succesfull Valentine runway show

Wow still over the moon from Yesterday's great Valentine Runway show.
It was a show with the valentine theme and there was the dresscode, dress to impress, so there we went Anna and me, I had an extreme tight corset, so I was so glad all was over, but I managed, also the faux fur cape and the long skirt where not excellent handling clothing, but ok.

It was a show on a runway and in round 1 we had to go over the runway, one by one.
When we had our up and down, we had to stand in front of the judges table who where giving their points.
 Anna and me gained on handling a 9 and an 8 our of 10
for exteriour we had a 8 and a 9 out of 10
and for styling we had a 10!!!!...!!!
Then we had to go to round 2, by round 2 we had to go over the runway again but against another winner from round 1, and after the up and down we had to stand in front of the judges table with the other couple.
 In round 2 there where 4 of the 5 judges who where choosing me to go trough to the half finals, and in the half finals all judges wanted Anna and me back into the finals!!!!!!!
And then Best in Show!!!! OMG I'm so happy, I soooo terribly wanted to win the Jaap Stuiver Throphee.

Thank you so much to all the judges yesterday
ms M Flobbe
ms Marieke van Veluw
ms D Huisman
mr Michel Agterberg
mr Janet Vondeling

and Thanks Maryana Koppelaar for the beautifull prize, this is my second Handmade by Maryana product!!
Also the great toy made by hondenschool Robbedoes is very nice, our girl Star claimed it, and she loves it.
I love my beautifull Ribbon.
This win, even it is not a CAC show or whatever kind of show is so special to me.
We had a lot of fun, and now we get our name ingraved at the prestigious Jaap Stuiver Throphee!!!!!

Happy Valentines day everyone
Anna and me, the runner up, and all of the judges
the prizes



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    1. Yes it was, it is an unofficial event at my training school. And the throphee is a tribute to a very gently young man I knew very very well, who died way too early, That was the reason I was so willing to win this


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