Walking with your dog!

Walking your dogs is great, it is one of the most easy and low impact exercise for the dogs, aswell for ourselve.
But we have to keep in mind that we don't overdo it.
I have a breed that doesn't stop, and it is not a great idea to lett them walk for ages in the weekends, to find out on Monday they have all kinds of sore's and injuries.
For instance their pads are cracked and open from a long walk on the Streets or they simply have muscle pain because you went to far.

Also with young animals, you can't be too carefull.
In my live with dogs we Always had the rule that a dogs can walk 5 times how old he is in months
so a puppy you get from a breeder is most of the time 8 weeks = 2 months, = 10 minutes exercise on a day!!!!!! So don't walk him 4 times a day for 10 minutes, spread that over the day.

I know that is less, but it will ruin his body if you overdo it. Bones of a young puppy are not developed yet every thing has to grow and needs all energie to grow.

If you take care of that you can walk nice long walks with your best friend when he is over a year, and then also don't overdo.

One thing that is also very popular to do is have music on while you walk. I'm not a fan of that. Because you don't hear if something is aproaching you, but also you don't pay as much attention to your dog as you would without music.
Also you will tend to do more fun games when you walk without music so it will be more fun with your dog.
And it clears your mind. Walking without headphones is really a great therapy.
It releives a lot of stress, and when you walk your dog before you go to your dogtraining he is rid of his extra energie and will be more attentive at the training.

Happy walking!!! and take care.



  1. We walk at least twice a day with the early walk being at least an hour long. Walking is such a great activity to do with your dog. We don't use music either. No phones, just us and nature.

    1. I normally only take my Phone to make pictures, but not for looking on it every time. I love to enjoy the real world. It is way more beautifull then you can imagine!!!


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