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Wordless Wednesday video!

Dita, my big show champion by Slidely Slideshow

Why I don't do dogfrisbee or fetch

I'm constantly trying new fun things to do with my dogs, but there is something I just never did with any of my dogs.
Go to the park to go play fetch, and dogfrisbee.
Well first of all, it seems that the majority of collies doesn't want to fetch a bal. (Read, none of my collies ever wanted to fetch a ball) I have to say most of the time when I see such activity's I think wow cool, but it isn't really my cup of tea.

After reading a book about agility and injuries, I began thinking about other sports too.
I know my collies are a herding breed, and they need to be swift and agile, they have to turn and run around sheep, but that is way different then running after a bal in the park.

Over the years we people created all those particular dogbreeds for our own purposes and needs, and as the years passed, and also the coming of machines etc. dogs where not needed for that function anymore, we just keep them as company. That is awsome ofcourse, but the base of our dog…

World book day

It is #worldbookday today!!!! I just found out, but this is really a great idea. I looovvveee to read, and I'm one of the lucky girls who has a huge collection of great dogbooks.
Informational, stories, breedspecifik, but also on grooming and history.

Here is a little collage of some of my dogbooks. I will put reviews over here for sure!
The first one on the collage is a great book by Stella Clark, she is a breeder and conformation judge from the UK.
Next to that is the great book of Sunnybank home of Lad, nu nu favorite author Albert Payson Terhune. Going for the blue is a small fun book about dogshows and showing your dog, and last but not least Lassie!!! That one is probably 1 of the most wellknown dogbooks.
Reviews will come soon....
In the meantime I just gonna enjoy a good book!!!

Wordless Wednesday!!! March is here

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